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Housing Choice Voucher Program Information for Landlords


The goal of this agency is to ensure participants are provided safe, decent, and sanitary housing and with the cooperation of our owners/managers, this is a goal that will ultimately be met and succeeded.

The Housing Authority, landlords, and clients combine the whole to form the Section 8 Department. One could not survive without the other. We all must work together to maintain an understanding and partnership.

The Section 8 Program was formed in 1974 and has evolved into the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Today it is a rental assistance program where the tenant is to pay at least 30% and no more than 40% of their income towards rental payments.

Clients are selected from a waiting list and then screened for eligibility. The eligibility criteria are determined by their income and a criminal background check. If they pass the eligibility criteria, they are then issued a Housing Choice Voucher based on their household composition, given a detailed briefing and are given a Request for Tenancy Approval.

The East Orange Housing Authority welcomes and appreciates all owners that participate in the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program (Section 8 Program).

East Orange Housing Authority Payment Standards currently in effect are as follows:

     Bedroom Size    Payment Standard     

  • Efficiency:                $1,517

  • One-Bedroom:          $1,749

  • Two-Bedroom:           $2,108

  • Three-Bedroom:         $2,666

  • Four-Bedroom:           $3,080

The Request for Tenancy Approval will be the documentation the client provides to you to complete if you are interested in renting your unit.
This documentation provides the size of the unit, the year it was built, who will be responsible for the utilities, and when it is available for inspection.

**Screening: You are responsible for screening your tenant for tenancy. Meaning it is your responsibility to determine if this client is a suitable renter. Do they pay their rent on time, how are their housekeeping habits, have they ever been evicted before.  The screening of course should be completed before entering into any agreement with the tenant.

**Utilities: The client can only pay for utilities that can be placed in their name.  Water sewage and trash cannot be paid by the client.  Please ensure that the utilities are separated according to their apartment.  Too many times there have been cases where the first floor client is paying for the second floor or common hallway utilities.

The client will return the completed documents to the Section 8 Department on a Wednesday and it will then be determined whether the rent being requested is reasonable for the client and the area the unit is located. Meaning will the rent and utilities requested be a burden on the client.  

Rent Reasonableness: The Department of Housing and Urban Development has developed a type of control to ensure that government funds are not being squandered on too high rents.  In conducting rent reasonableness, the PHA must determine whether the rent to owner is a reasonable rent in comparison to rent for other comparable unassisted units. In determining comparability, the PHA must consider:  location, size, quality, unit type, and age of the unit, amenities, housing services, maintenance, and utilities the owner provides.  

Once the rent is determined reasonable, a Housing Quality Standard inspection will be scheduled. Once the unit passes the inspection, a housing assistance payment contract will be initiated for the following month.


In order to participate in the HCV Program as a landlord, numerous documents are required to be completed and returned to EOHA. Please download the "Landlord Document Kit" by clicking on the button below.

Below are common questions that are addressed to this agency daily.


How much rent can I charge?

Owners are not allowed to raise the rent on a unit because the unit may be occupied by a Section 8 participant.  The rent requested must be the amount previously charged with an allowable 4% increase.  Units up to and including a 5-family unit that is owner occupied are not subject to the rent control laws; however, are subject to the rent reasonable policy.

How do I get an increase?

Landlords are entitled to an annual increase which is given at the time of the participant’s recertification. The request for a rent increase must be submitted within 10 business days upon receipt of the notice to inspect the unit.  The request will then be determined whether it is rent reasonable based on the unit, amenities, and the area.  If the rent is determined to be rent reasonable, the increase will be granted; however, the request will be denied if the request is determined be not rent –reasonable.

What do I do if my tenant does not pay rent?

You as the owner are required to enforce the lease for any violations, such as non-payment of rent. Any notices that are given to the tent regarding any violations of the lease should be forwarded to the EOHA.  We may contact the tenant to remind them that if they are evicted for serious violations of the lease, their Section 8 rental assistance will be terminated.

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If you have any questions and/or require assistance, please contact:
East Orange Housing Authority
7 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 304A

East Orange, NJ 07017
PHONE :  (973)-766-8896
FAX :  (973)-766-8797



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